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“Very informative! Reasonable changes, achievable goals. I am confident and comfortable with the suggestions. Dr. Stearns was very attentive and knowledgeable.” -CA

“Dr. Stearns answered my questions and gave me great explanations for recommendations. This was great! I didn’t feel judged or pushed and recommendations were backed with explanations.” -KM

“I really enjoyed talking with Dr. Stearns and feel great!”-MA

“Informative! Helped me correct and enhance my dietary choices” -LL

Dr. Stearns had a good understanding of my condition and had lots of good suggestions of things to try. The suggestions were things I could easily apply to my diet and to my lifestyle. I feel good about the suggestions Dr. Stearns made. He provided explanations that I could understand and indicated how the changes could be beneficial to my condition-JB

“All resources pertained to my goals and I am excited to dive deeper. Dr. Stearns was very informative and I appreciated all the knowledge. I learned a lot!” -Anonymous

I learned a lot about diet that I was interested in. The suggestions were not too much for me to get started on doing. I feel great! I learned ways I can help myself, info about how my body processes different foods, and overall great info!-NP

“All helpful information, no complaint about delivery or content. With my vegan diet and multiple sclerosis diagnosis, he was very specific. Dr. Stearns helped reassure information I’d already been given, plus he said lots of things to spark more thoughts and provoke me to keep learning and researching” -JN

I liked how the suggestions were practical and supplement packed. I liked the approach and big picture view of my goals.-Anonymous

“Dr. Stearns was very knowledgeable. Listened well to my concerns. Came up with good suggestions. I felt like he wanted to help me. I learned a great deal about nutrition in a short time” -CS

It was very informative! Dr. Stearns knew exactly what he was talking about which makes me confident in achieving my goals.-TQ

“Dr. Stearns gave me SO much great information concerning supplements and health-related behavior. Dr. Stearns took the time to gather my personal eating habits, family background and exercise habits. This time was very well spent, especially since Dr. Stearns took time to answer all my questions. Very educational and compassionate coaching!” -PH

Very informative and very helpful!!!-RP

“Dr. Stearns is very practical and knowledgeable. He is personable, practical and spent a lot of time explaining concepts” -JM

Very helpful, regarding eating habits and vitamin use! I Will try my best to try suggested methods and vitamins. Thank you!-DH

“Very useful and informative, I learned a lot! I have multiple needs and am grateful Dr. Stearns addressed them all.” -KY

Dr. Stearns is very patient and listens. Very good!-Anonymous

“Dr. Stearns was very helpful and knowledgeable. Suggestions are reasonable and practical. He was very knowledgeable and responsive.” -TO

Very helpful and informative!-DA

“Very informative. Took the time to go over al of our issues with us and offered solutions with food and vitamins” -VA

Definitely, lots of good info! Pointed me in the best direction with recommendations that were practical. Really informative and helpful!-WT

“Asked open ended questions and gave me advice in line with what I’m trying for. I got a lot of useful information to help me reach my goal.” -MB

“My daughter and I learned a lot. Dr. Stearns was very helpful and explained everything very well.”-LG

“Dr. Stearns provided specific questions and guidance. Beneficial, necessary, empowering and effective.” -SC

I feel like the medical community should consider offering a similar service for all patients post-doctor visit to not only treat symptoms, but the overall root of the issue and improve overall quality of life.-KF

“Helpful information about how my digestion works, made selecting food options less intimidating, I feel I now have a good starting point to improve my health that is not as invasive as I imagined. I feel I learned a lot and got answers to health questions that make sense. Not only do I feel I have a good starting point in my health, but I feel more at ease about my health issues.” -CN

Amazing service! Such great info personalized to my needs. Extremely useful, thank you so much! -Anonymous

“Dr. Stearns is very knowledgeable about health and diet. The session was very informative. It built on my knowledge and experience with health and my own body.” -Anonymous