7 Tips for Healthy Eating at Restaurants

Woman Eating Dinner

It can be a challenge to eat primal or even healthy in a restaurant, anyone looking to make better meal decisions can use these 7 tips for healthy eating at restaurants. A few issues most of us deal with is making a healthy choice on the spot, knowing what non-listed ingredients are in the food, whether or not the restaurant has allergen friendly options, and how to handle alcoholic beverages.

The reality is we are going to eventually eat at a restaurant. All the home cooked and prepped meals in the world won’t change the fact that hanging out with friends or having a date night is a good time. Even if the decision to go out to a restaurant is spontaneous, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have a plan in place.


Essential Guide to Meal Planning and Prep

Woman Eating Dinner

To really enjoy the benefits of a healthy lifestyle it’s important to know how to meal prep and plan your week, this essential guide to meal planning and prep will get you started.

We have so much happening in our daily lives that finding time to cook a healthy meal can get put on the back burner. On the days when our energy is recovered, we think of all the healthy things we want to eat and doing but we don’t take advantage of these days. If we prep our meals on days we feel motivated, then we have healthy food available when we feel less than motivated.


How to Manage your Wellness Package


Getting the most out of a health coaching package can be confusing. Use this guide to navigate through the process of making the most out of your chosen wellness package to schedule the right service at the right time. I look forward to meeting with you and working toward helping you achieve your health and wellness goals!


Is Nutritional Health Coaching Useful and Cost Effective?


I thought this would be a complicated question to answer, but it wasnt. The answer is a resounding YES! It took 20 minutes to find volumes of research indicating how useful and cost effective health coaching can be.

Apparently, nutritional health coaching is a potent tool for helping to manage all types of chronic health conditions. It activates health supportive behaviors and dietary changes, and it is effective for all socioeconomic classes. Considering how much research I found in support of health coaching, I’ll let the research do the talking.

So what is health coaching? Hale and Giesse (2017) define health coaching as “…an intervention that facilitates the achievement of health improvement goals, the reduction of unhealthy lifestyles, the improvement of self-management for chronic conditions and quality of life enhancement.”