How to Hack Your Stress Response

Woman doing yoga on a mountain

There are various ways to hack your stress response and today I will share with you one the most potent ways to do this. I know this sounds weird, but what if everything you’ve been told about stress causing you to develop negative health outcomes related to stress was wrong?  Researchers have based their careers on spreading the message that stress leads to negative health outcomes. It turns out your perception of life challenges as either overwhelming or a challenge worth overcoming, goes a long way to determining how harmful stress can be in your life.


How to Increase Self-Efficacy


One of the core components of my coaching strategy involves building self-efficacy, a term you might be more familiar with as “confidence”. Researchers also define self-Efficacy as your perceived ability to apply your energy to a situation and achieve a positive result (I feel confident I can overcome this!).

The opposite of self-efficacy is learned helplessness, which is a perception that no matter how much energy you put forward, a negative outcome will come about.