Pillars of Wellness Part 1: Nutrition


For pillars of wellness part 1: nutrition, let’s talk about how nutrition is the core of any functional wellness plan. I consider there to be 4 pillars of wellness including Nutrition, Exercise, Stress Management, and Adventure. All of these pillars work together to strengthen you as a whole. While there may be other aspects of health worth paying attention to, managing these 4 pillars makes everything easier.


Coconut Oil is Not Pure Poison

Saturated Fat

Dr. Karin Michaels recently made a big splash on Facebook with her dietary recommendations. More specifically she referred to coconut oil as pure poison, which prompted a flood of questions, concern and outrage. First, Dr. Karin Michaels is a Harvard professor that represents the Harvard School of Public Health from the department Epidemiology and Nutrition, so most of her studies use epidemiological research designs (AKA Self Report) and you click here to learn more about how we should interpret the findings of epidemiological research.

The video of her talk has amassed over 1 million views and I would love to have shared it with you, but it is no longer available. So below is a news report on her talk as evidence that it happened.