Pillars of Wellness Part 2: Exercise

Woman Exercising

In pillars of wellness Part 2: Exercise we’ll discuss how to incorporate exercise and movement into your general wellness plan. The 2 basic pillars essential for developing optimal wellness would be nutrition and exercise/movement. For these pillars I’m not talking about highly specialized dietary recommendations or a daily brutal exercise routine, I want to introduce the basic building blocks that will eventually allow you to maintain wellness effortlessly.

Exercise should not be torture and choosing healthy food should not cause a panic attack. We’ve already discussed food, let’s move on to exercise. The goal with exercise is to discover how much you need, you shouldn’t be trying to do as much as possible. Once you’ve established how much exercise you can do without being in pain for a week or sustaining regular injuries, do that once a week and try easier exercises throughout the week.


Essential Guide to Meal Planning and Prep

Woman Eating Dinner

To really enjoy the benefits of a healthy lifestyle it’s important to know how to meal prep and plan your week, this essential guide to meal planning and prep will get you started.

We have so much happening in our daily lives that finding time to cook a healthy meal can get put on the back burner. On the days when our energy is recovered, we think of all the healthy things we want to eat and doing but we don’t take advantage of these days. If we prep our meals on days we feel motivated, then we have healthy food available when we feel less than motivated.


The Difference between Weight Loss and Fat Loss

Crossfit Primal Movement

This is simply losing mass. People rarely care where the mass comes from, they only care that the number on the scale is going down. You can lose intracellular water, extracellular water, muscle, and fat. Each of these will result in lower numbers on the scale. The only thing that is desirable is fat loss, the problem is that this is not a speedy process and if it is, you are likely losing water and/or burning muscle.

When you initially eat healthy your body lets go of water and inflammation. This is the initial weight loss you hear about on commercials “I lost 50 lbs in 3 weeks!”. You have not yet truly lost weight, you are now down to your weight without retained water and inflammation. This is where real weight loss begins and where your perception of healthy weight loss comes into play.