Weekly Round Up

Weekly Round Up

In this Friday’s Weekly Round Up we’ll be focusing on hormonal health, food timing and some benefits of choline you might not have known about.

This week:
Supporting thyroid health
Best times to eat
How choline effects pregnancy
A discussion on the EAT Lancet paper
Benefits of meditation
Kid(z) tell YOU why we need to eat vegetables


Some basic ways to support your thyroid and other hormones

This article from Paleo for Women lays out some great essentials for supporting your thyroid health in general. The first topic covered is how reducing inflammation can support the thyroid. The article then goes on to discuss endocrine disruptors and which ones to watch out for. Another thing we tend to underestimate is the importance of a good night’s sleep, learn how sleep can impact thyroid health. One of the more controversial topics discussed is how carbohydrate intake has a n impact on tryptophan and serotonin production. My favorite point discussed in the paper is why the quality of food is more important than quantity. The article concludes with a discussion about the non-weight loss benefits of exercise.


The importance of when you eat your meals

A long-held myth is that we need to eat multiple small meals throughout the day, this is ridiculous and unfounded. It’s not necessary for many people to have 3 meals a day. The article from Dr. Willey discusses why the number of times you eat per day is only important if you are metabolically challenged. Dr Willey discusses what to eat based on the time of day, very interesting article.


Why choline is just important as folate for a healthy pregnancy

Anyone who is pregnant or has had a child knows how important iron and folate is to supporting a healthy pregnancy and preventing neural tube defects. Not many people know that choline is equally important to the development of a healthy child. The first recommendations for Choline intake came out in 1998 and not many people took notice since there wasn’t much research at the time. Now, 20 years later, Lily Nichols discusses why not only choline is essential for a child’s development but that we are also not taking nearly enough.



What the EAT Lancet Paper Gets Wrong with Chris Kressor


Why Meditation is the New Medicine with Dr. Hyman


For fun (and knowledge!) Kidz Explain – Why we need to eat vegetables?

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